Why Choose MJ Everson Financial?

First a little joke…

Three ministers were out on a lake fishing one fine afternoon: a Protestant minister, an Episcopalian priest and a Catholic priest. They were sitting out in the middle of the lake and the Protestant minister said he had to relieve himself. He got out of the boat and walked across the water to shore, relieved himself behind a tree and walked back to the boat. The Episcopalian priest did the same thing. The Catholic priest thought to himself, "if they can do it, so can I." He stepped out of the boat and promptly sank to the bottom of the lake. The other two looked at each other and one said "Do you think we should have told him about the rocks just under the water?"

Why does that joke pertain to our practice? Well, investing is simply about knowing where the rocks are so you can make your way across the water!

With over ten years of experience inside the industry and six years experience running our own planning firm, we’ve discovered where the rocks are and why most other planning firms have no interest in telling you!

Simply put, if you get all wet, Wall Street gets very rich. We find success in a completely different way. By keeping you dry, we hope you’ll tell all your friends who have fallen in the water. To continue an overly drawn out example, we want to keep everyone high-and-dry on the shores of a happy community of satisfied MJ Everson Financial clients.

Explore this site further to see how we plan to do that…