What is a Referral Activator?

Did you even know you had one? It is the part of your brain that heightens your awareness. For example, when you bought your last car, you probably began to notice all of the other cars like it on the road. Pregnant women suddenly begin to notice other pregnant women. All of that is your reticular activator at work.

What does this have to do with me? Everything. Simply put, MJ Everson Financial wants to turn on your reticular activator so that when you are conversing with others who are thinking about their investments, improving their income or reducing their taxes, you'll recall the level of quality service you've received from us and send them our way.

If you believe that the high level of service and the quality of investment products we offer will be a good match for those people you interact with in your daily life, we'd be delighted to have you recommend them to us by calling us or filling out the form below. These referrals will be treated with the same respect you've enjoyed from us over the years. In return, we'll reward you for passing on our company name through word of mouth. Any names received will be held on our strict privacy policy guidelines and will not be sold, given away or made public in any way.