Our Philosophy

There are a combination of strengths that make MJ Everson Financial different. Our philosophy will help you to see why we have grown to be one of the most respected investment planning firms in Sonoma County.

In any investment transaction, there are three basic beneficiaries: the client, the advisor and the investment company.  Among those three, we feel you should benefit first and foremost.  We are devoted to consistently developing strategies and scenarios that reflect that philosophy.

This consistent philosophy produces consistent results.  Our clients tell us that one of the reasons they stay with us over time is our client comes first" approach.  We don't take unnecessary risks or perform unnecessary transactions, nor do we change our philosophy to capitalize on short-term market trends.

We pay great attention to our clients' individual needs and give advice appropriate to their own unique circumstances.  We focus on finding the best available investments and strategies for our clients.  Our strict criteria for history of returns, cost of investment, disclosure of details such as compensation and terms of penalties ensures that we offer only the very best investment products available on the market.

Lastly, we believe our job begins when you make your first investment, and it continues long after in the form of reviews, updates and being available to you by phone or in person when you have questions or concerns about your investments.  Our commitment to you is not lip-service - we will be here for you when you need us.  We don't expect your referrals if we do not honor this commitment.

The philosophy of MJ Everson Financial is to find the best investments, give the best advice and offer the best service. Why settle for anything less?